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What are the play-by dates for each round and when and where are the finals?

Preliminary round (by May 8). First round (by May 31). Second Round (by June 30). Third Round (by July 31). Fourth Round (by Aug 31). Regional Final (by Sep 30). Finals at Boavista Golf Resort. Lagos. Western Algarve. Portugal (November 7-10)

How do I know if I am playing home or away?

The first-named club is the home club. But home and aways will be redrawn after each round to make sure clubs are not advantaged or disadvantaged with an excess of either as they progress.

I can’t get in touch with the team we are playing. What do I do?

Please keep trying the contact we were given when the team originally entered? If unsuccessful, please contact the club directly? If still no luck, please contact us via and we will try on your behalf. The contacts we have are those given to us when teams entered. Some contacts may have changed or left since entering. Clubs will be given a walkover or a bye if their opponents remain uncontactable or don’t make any efforts to contact you or decide to withdraw.

When should matches be played?

Matches can be played in midweek or at weekends. Clubs should offer a mix of both when arranging games.

We can’t agree a date to play our game. What do we do?

Flexibility and compromise are the key. Both sides need to offer each other a series of weekday and weekend dates until one is agreeable. If neither side can agree a date to play, organisers reserve the right to draw lots to decide who goes through. But this really shouldn’t be necessary.

Why am I not playing a team in my county in the first round?

Several reasons. Some counties have multiple entries making it easier to arrange. But some counties have odd numbers of entries meaning one team will have to play a side or sides from a neighbouring county or area. And sometimes it is closer and more convenient to pair teams from neighbouring counties. Obviously this is the first year of the competition and therefore this season will have fewer clubs entering compared to future years as interest grows. We appreciate there will be the odd inconvenience in the early days and a couple of clubs will have more travelling to an away game that they may have thought. But your initial and continued support is hugely appreciated as we attempt to build a national mixed golf inter-club competition that matches the established men’s and ladies’ Daily Mail/Annodata tournaments.

Why am I in the particular region I am?

The four regions – North, Midlands, South East and South West – are not set in stone but will remain flexible year-on-year with boundaries changing and counties added or removed depending on the number and range of clubs that enter.

What are the playing rules and regulations?

Teams will consist of five mixed pairs each with a maximum handicap of 24 for men and 36 for women (based on the course handicap for each player, using their handicap index and the slope rating for their gender and the tees they are using on the day). Players with higher handicap indexes can be selected but must play off a maximum handicap of 24 or 36. There is no limit to the number of players allowed in each team squad per year. But players can only play for one team and one club in the competition each year. Juniors are not eligible. Each of the five mixed matches will be played in a greensomes 18-hole format with each match played to a finish with extra holes if necessary. Each player must take a minimum of six drives each. Teams must be nominated in a 1-2-3-4-5 order with team sheets exchanged before the match. Matches should be played from medal tees where possible. Greensomes formula – calculate the handicap for each pair as follows (lower handicap x 0.6) plus (higher handicap x 0.4). If the handicaps in the pair are equal, then use half the combined handicaps. The lower handicap pair then give strokes to the other based on the full difference between the two handicaps.

What tees should the match be played off and should strokes be taken from the men’s or ladies’ index?

The match should be played off the medal tees of the day – usually white for men and red for ladies – and strokes should be played off the ladies’ card.

Can you clarify the minimum drives rule?

Both players in each pair must play a minimum of six drives each based on playing an 18-hole match. Where matches finish earlier, it does not matter if one player hasn’t taken at least six of their drives.

Are buggies allowed?

Yes buggies are allowed.

When will entries for the 2023 competition open?

Entries officially open on Sep 1 2022 but clubs can pre-enter at any time by emailing

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