1. The competition shall forthwith be known as the National Clubs Mixed Team Knockout Championships.
  2. The competition will be open to all clubs in England, Scotland and Wales and will be played on a knockout basis between April and October with the final four clubs qualifying for the national finals in Portugal in November. Golf societies are not eligible.
  3. Each club may enter one or two teams per year with an entry fee of £60 per team. Entries close on March 15 after which the draw will be made a sent by email to all participating clubs. The competition will start in April with teams having around a month to organise and play each round for as long as they remain in the competition.
  4. Teams will consist of five mixed pairs each with a maximum handicap index of 24 for men and 36 for women (based on the course handicap for each player, using their handicap index and the slope rating for their gender and the tees they are using on the day). Players with higher handicaps can be selected but must play off a maximum handicap index of 24 or 36.

  5. There is no limit to the number of players allowed in each team squad per year. But players can only play for one team and one club in the competition each year. Juniors are not eligible. The championship is played under the rules of golf for matchplay and in accordance with all R&A regulations governing amateur status.

  6. Each of the five mixed matches will be played in a greensomes 18-hole format with each match played to a finish with extra holes if necessary. Each player must take a minimum of six drives each. Teams must be nominated in a 1-2-3-4-5 order with team sheets exchanged before the match. Matches should be played from medal tees where possible.

  7. Greensomes formula – calculate the handicap for each pair as follows (lower handicap x 0.6) plus (higher handicap x 0.4). If the handicaps in the pair are equal, then use half the combined handicaps. The lower handicap pair then give strokes to the other based on the full difference between the two handicaps.

  8. Island clubs are welcome to enter and will be drawn against fellow island teams where possible. When drawn against teams from the mainland, island clubs will be expected to travel.
  9. Nine hole golf clubs are also welcome to enter with the nine holes played twice or from two different sets of tees.

  10. Teams will be split into four regions with clubs drawn against each other on a county and regional basis in the early rounds to avoid excess travel where possible. Home advantage will be drawn on a round by round basis in the interests of fairness and to prevent clubs that progress having too many home matches. The four regional winners will qualify for the national semi-finals and final.
  11. In entering the competition, all clubs must agree to extend courtesy of the course to their opponents for competitive rounds. Home clubs are encouraged to offer practice rounds at agreeable rates if asked. Clubs unable to offer courtesy of the course can still enter if they agree to play all matches away or if home players cover the cost of visiting players green fees.
  12. It is the primary responsibility of the home club in each round to arrange each match. They should offer the opponents a minimum of three match dates and times. If these are unsuitable the opponents should offer a minimum of three reasonable alternatives to ensure the match can be completed.
  13. The home team has the responsibility to ensure the course is fit to play and to inform the visiting players of any local rules prior to the match. Where the home team is unable to provide a playable 18-hole course for the match, or if both sides agree, the fixture can be reversed and played at the away team venue to ensure the match is completed by the due date.
  14. If a match is not played by the due date, the organising committee will progress one team to the next round based either on a voluntary walkover given to one team over the other, on one team’s inability to play the game or a random draw.
  15. The winning club will be responsible for notifying the result of the match as soon after completion by emailing with details of any significant moments or performances and a team pic if available.
  16. The grand finals will consist of two semi-finals, one final and one third-place place off with a courtesy round on the first day. Green frees, hotel accommodation and half board (breakfast and dinner) will be provided by the organisers. Flights are not included and should be paid by the competitors.
  17. Reports and results will be published and updated on the website on a regular basis and also in local and national golf media. Please feel free to send reports and results to local media outlets to celebrate your achievements and to further publicise the competition and your achievements.
  18. We anticipate that most golf events will return to some sort of normality in 2022. But should the event be cancelled for any reason all clubs are guaranteed to have their entries carried over to 2023 or refunded if necessary.
  19. Organisers reserve the right to change the venue and date of the finals if necessary.

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